Make your quiniela predictions from home


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There's not doubt that the quiniela system to bet on Spanish football games is more than a simple tradition in Spain. There aren't many Spaniards out there who have never played a quiniela and enjoyed the dream of winning millions through this betting game.

Q-Quine is a free application for Windows that you can use to make your predictions directly from your home computer. You'll mark your choices out on the game panel, and then you'll always be able to see the results of your predictions, the number of triples and doubles, and the betting price, all of which is very convenient.

Keep your quinielas updated thanks to the program's assistant, which uses the Internet to synchronize the program's data with real world results.

You can also take advantage of some useful tools like combination reduction and statistic revisions. All of this makes Q-Quince a great tool that you're sure to enjoy.
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